Forex Hedging System 80% Accurate

If anyone is interested i have a good forex hedging system 80% accuracy and it works very well. Been trading live account for over 8 months. It will make you money.

Let me know if your interested, got any questions or would like me to compare my system w/ others.


Be the best you can be.

Good to hear.

Hedging system is the best as we transform the trend into statistic.
How much your initial deposit ? And how much gain every month ? Does it have money management system that enable your money capital to roll up double?

Does your system hedging base on trend by using indicator ?

Hi I would like to test your system
Regards Karl

I am interested to try your system.



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and knowledge.

Super interested in trying your Strategy/System.



I love hedging! Spill the beans man :smiley:

Hey goldtip,

Definitely interested in checking out your system.


Well wasn’t this an absolute waste of space. Who would start a thread like this and then run away? Possibly he/she/it could be banned from babypips?

I want to ask you about your hedging sistem, it works now?

Are you going to post the details of your system?
I would like to see the strategy behind it.

Hedging sucks, stay away!

too much risk… I learned the hard way.

Hello,I really want to know about your System…


Such BS:/ i got exited seein this

This thread is 3 years old.

He’ll be back soon to tell us his secret. Dont give up :slight_smile:

i am not saying that i agree hedging works or not. I do hedge sometimes, and i think if hedge with proper money management, it will be a success. Nothing is impossible, don’t you all agree? Just imagine, if non hedging strategies work very good, i mean out of 100% of the trade, winning trade is 55% above, if implement hedging with proper money management(needed to calculate those spread and swap), i think it will be a great success. Please comment, i think we could discuss more.

No i don’t think so that he’ll be back.

you all don’t have any idea how it works. save your money and stay away.