Deleted post. Spread is a killer lol.

What do you mean by “played”?

It’s good to take a break from the markets, as burnout is a very real thing. Stepping away can bring clarity.

Share your chart and what you are seeing, if you wouldn’t mind.

Hi there, yes I meant I traded very small amounts just to get a feel for those markets, and double check position sizing was correct and all that jazz.

Here is the technical support of this idea. Stochastic and vix fix look ready to swing. I see price at significant resistance levels. They are fractal support and resistance lines on this chart.
I’m also siting this resistance level to be a huge supply area.

Well I didn’t make a cent off this. I kinda messed up on trying to scale, should have left it alone to just run. Turned out to be a good trade :slight_smile: