Forex in 60 Seconds: Traders Pile Back Into Risk As JP Morgan Ups Their Bid for Bear

[B]·[/B] Stronger-than-expected US existing home sales propel US dollar higher during NY morning trade, but was it really all that bullish?
[B]·[/B] Bear Stearns saga continues…

[B]·[/B] Traders return to risky assets; while the trend may continue this week, another bout of flight-to-safety could be ugly.

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[B]·[/B] Carry trades have made a comeback and could continue to do so in the near-term. However, it is worth asking: Why Might the USDJPY Rally Be Short Lived?
[B]·[/B] There’s heavy event risk throughout the forex markets this week. Find out which are the 5 Most Important Events for the Forex Market This Week.

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