Forex Investment Funds

Does anyone have any experience with Forex Investment Funds/Managed Accounts? If so what are typically the monthly net returns (%) to the investor on a typical Forex Investment Fund?


I sat down with a gentleman who was offering a historic (since 01) return of 44% with a rip of 25% profits on a monthly basis with a low investment of 50k.

What have you been seeing?

A [B]net[/B] of 10-15% monthly return to the investor (after manager has taken his cut).
Minimum initial investment is around 15k.
This fund also comes with a guarantee that protects 80% of your account from loss. So basicaly only 20% of the account as at risk.

Hmm it sounds good. the only cause for pause would be the existance of guarantee … unless they are keeping 80% of your account out of play in anyway shape or form how are they doing it?

Regardless of anything I get nervous when people guarentee me things in a effort to take my money;)

Ya normaly I would feel the same way. However, the manager is an aquantance that I had prior to the forex management/investor relationship. His credability is high with me so I trust the guarantee.

Excellent! Then what is stopping you? If you trust the guarantee 10-15% return is acceptable and if he is worth his salt from what I have seen most of these professional traders do not have losing years. Months yes years no.

The returns are so high it is insane. Take a 50k stake, If you reinvested the profits each month assuming a net of 10% you would have about 157k at the end of the year. I am so new to this I keep hearing about these insane returns… is this for real?

I would dump 100k in and let it ride after two years you would have almost a million dollars… if this is true why isn’t everyone and their mother doing it…

500k reinvested and ridden for two years at 10% net is almost 5 million. 5 million profit with a guaranteed stop loss of 100k in a month?

Am I way off on this I must be.

I’m not sure about forex, but I do know that stock brokers by law cannot say they make more then 12% a year. Might be 18% not sure but I know it is no where close to the forex market.

I thought about a managd account with a forex broker but after 2 reps gave me 2 different replies on what the returns might be I stopped believing in teh high hreturn fairytale.