Forex is my dream

Hi all
I’m new and have longed forex like it’s the noodles I eat often.
Hope to be a graduate of the school of pipsology and conquer the trade world

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Best of luck with that.

psychology of school is really important for acquiring basic knowledge of trading , i hope you will be knowledgeable . thanks

Welcome! You’ll learn so much from all the free resources here. We’ll be looking forward to your progress. Enjoy learning and best of luck!

just one thing remember there is no short cut way of learning , so keep patience first of all. happy trading

yes , beginners always try to bring good amount of profit with no learning. its a common major mistake

I will help you with that if you want

Eight years in, still having a blast! Love it for life!

Welcome and best luck!

good lucky

Play your cards right and you will be eating T-bone steaks

Hey Everyone,

My name is Anthony. New to the Forex market, but working with some hitters in my academy called IM.
I came across market milk baby pips and fell in love with the layout.


I wish you good luck man. Patience and right mindset is the key, remember that!

Hi. Hold on to that dream and get ready to work really hard. Keep pushing. It might come true. Good luck!

Welcome to the community, @itsgodwin. Remember to start with a demo account when you start trading so that you don’t lose money while you’re still in the process of learning.