Forex is my passion

I hope this message finds you in great health, mind, body, spirit. Would love to connect, network, and learn. My passion is Forex Trading, Training and Gold Analysis. How about you?

Passed a prop trading firm eval in 2021 and have studied Forex markets for the past 5 years or so now. Would love to see this passion develop in to a full time lifestyle.

Hope everyone becomes a consistently profitable trader in 2023.


5 years is really a long time that you have passed with this market place. have a very good journey , enjoy your stay . and yeah , Forex can be a great part of lifestyle.

how was your return from trading in 2022 ? can you explain more about ?

can you please share your money management ?

Interesting!! You spent 5 years in market, so you must have great experience in trading.

Can you please share how you do money management and deal with ups & downs in the market?

5 years is quite long in forex market. Just see some your post about gold, do you have any trading journal in Babypips? How do you trade gold? Long term (monthly, weekly) or short term (Daily, hours)? I usually trade gold as well, I would like to learn more knowledge about gold.

Money management rules:

Position size in general will be 1.5% to 2% of trading account balance per trade.

Studying for 5 years, working on full time trading and training others as a profession now.

The Impact Trading methodology is based solely on supply demand, support resistance areas, zones, etc.

Usually place trades during the London NY sessions for the daily moves.

Currently developing a monthly, weekly longer term trade plan. How about you?

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It sounds fantastic!
I started learning and trading FR around 2 years ago. I’m using pure chart with support/resistance, supply/demand zone, candlesticks with trend line and fibonacci.
I trade during Sydney/Tokyo and London session. For NY session, sometime I trade, sometime I don’t since it’s quite late at my local time. I also want to develop a long term trading plan such as weekly. Currently, I’m intraday trader.
Do you have any trading journal in this forum?

Trade Psychology Note:

When you have great money management, only risking 1% to 2% account value per trade, with a great trade plan…Fear is removed.

Your trade plan should always be back-tested and have a positive growth curve. Based on your trade plan, even with a losing streak, you should still be profitable.

Average winning trade is 10% account value
Average losing trade is 1% to 2% account value (risk management)

Even with a 40% win rate 4/10 trades you are still growing your account.

6 losing trades at 2% = 12% drop in your account value.
4 winning trades at 10% = 40% gain in your account value.
Total gains: 28% Good trading day, week, month, etc :smile:


Thanks for sharing !!

That’s one some even call forex trading a bad habbit and compare it with gambling.

Looking for help.

Is there a posting limit in a thread I start here on the forum?

I post weekly analysis for Gold and discuss gold trading opportunities. If I don’t get replies after 3 consecutive post, can I continue to post updates in a thread I start?

Thank you in advance.

It think they do this when you’re new. The longer you hang around and participate, the more trust you earn.