Forex mentorship

Would learning forex trading from a mentor be beneficial? I have finished studying the basics and I am wondering whether I should join a forex trading community and get a mentorship there… Any advice would be helpful… Thanks!!

What’s wrong with this community?
You’ll not get a dedicated mentor, per se, but you’ll get the whole forum to participate.

Yes the whole forum will support, no doubt in that. What I am asking is would it be beneficial for me if I can get mentored by someone… like a paid mentorship…for example monthly subscription to or falcon trading guidance community?

that’s completely up to you. I think I heard of the Falcon Trading community, but I’m not sure how effective they are in their teachings. I personally rather teach myself, and develop my own strategy/rules that make sense to me. I’m not in any rush… There’s also no guarantee paid signals will always work. It’s best to do your own analysis of the pairs. I’ve met a lot of profitable forex traders that taught themselves, didn’t pay for any services or packages, and are now the ones selling them and starting companies lol so why can’t I do the same? But, it depends on how you want to learn

Thank you sir. That was a good insight!!

I’ve found having a mentor helps break bad habits for one which was very helpful for me. One other great thing is they can get you linked in to some great opportunities to grow your revenue stream once you can get consistently profitable. You don’t get this by going it alone, or I will say it takes longer. I traded for 5 years unsuccessfully. One year with my mentor and I’ve been profitable every month this year

Hello, do yoy recommend any mentors for trading straight price action. I’ve grown away for indicators

I trade fundamental and macro view. A couple people to look at:

Ben Nathan
Jarratt Davis
Nick Lancaster

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Thank you, where can i find any of these ppl you mentioned?

go to forexpeacearmy as they have reviews on the first two. Ben Nathan was my mentor. I would Google Nick Lancaster, but he teaches some advanced stuff.

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That is nice to hear… How can I get in touch with mentors while trading from India?

They all have websites. What I would suggest is youtube all three and see if anything they are talking about catching your interest. I do think trading is very personal and you will naturally gravitate toward a style that suits you


Thanks. One more thing… You said mentors can link me to great opportunities… I did not quite understand that… Can you give some examples?

Example: Once your consistently profitable they usually have contacts in the market and can hook you up with investors, website developers, etc. It’s happened to me so I can truly say there is some good opportunities out there.


Thank you!! How much time spending with a mentor can make me a consistently profitable trader? What are the differences between learning to trade on your own and trading with a mentor?

Timing all depends on you. How well do you adapt to trading psychology. I would give yourself a year at least if you trade under a mentor. Trying to learn on your own can be done but it is very difficult. Tons of land mines out there.

Forex is a kind of business where a mentor is important for guiding you properly whenever you feel something confusing. Many people get scammed due to the lack of mentorship. I woukd recommend you to participate in it and find a good mentor for yourself!

A mentor can guide you properly related to your trading as you can share all details of your trading skills and problems as well with him. I would recommend you people to find the one as soon as possible. Trading is a tough ask in which you need guidance. Stay blessed!

Check out Andrew Lockwood. He’s got heaps of free stuff on YouTube, not sure if he does mentoring though.

Mentors break stuff down for you easier and you can ask personalised questions and get help, really worked for me in my forex quest