Forex newbie copying Instagram trader

Hi Don,

As you’ve probably realised by now, there is much to tread around in the world of FX trading. By far the best option is to invest TIME in learning to trade and don’t go looking for the ‘get rich quick’ option.

There are plenty of good FREE education sites, of which Baby Pips is amongst the best. Do yourself a favour, graduate from the ‘School of Pipsology’ before you trade a live account. You will save yourself some money AND sleep better at night.

Good luck Don.


I started trading last month with an Instagram trader and he too advised BDSwiss, he even sent me this link as to educate myself a little more. I’ve lost quite a bit but luckily my stake has been low since I started. I ask him questions about trading, he ignores me however continues sending signals. As you said it might just be that he makes commission off his affiliate link and doesn’t care whether I make money or not. After the trial he said, I would need to pay £300 to get his signals for a life time.

dude just go to babypips .com and finish everything in the education section!! Im no expert trader but it laid a foundation for me to take good well thought out profitable trades! good luck!

Oh Man, Don’t follow no one and less trading signals. The best thing you need to do before you put any money on the market is educate yourself. Problem is there is hard to find also plenty of scammers as well, take it from me that have take many courses over the years… supply and demand, support and resistance, Elliot wave, moving averages… all crap.

The only thing i have found that has work for me are some guys that trade wave theory. You can do a search on you tube for EWPRO and see if you like what they show. They usually post weekly forecast videos for free and have some info about their course there.

I hope this helps and good luck.

where I get confused in the Elliot Wave Theory is how to count the waves correctly. Knowing which wave is 1 to 2 … I use Jap Candlestick Charts.

@ourre - Do you have a good one to follow and suggest?

Yes Elliott wave are very subjective every one will end up having a different count and will have to do have a second count incase the first one doesn’t work, or to redo the count from scratch. That the exact reason why i didn’t like them.

Now with the wave theory, those EWPRO guys teach you end up with the same count no matter what you do, the count is not subjective everybody gets the same count because you get the count by a set of rules so you can miss.

I just mentioned on the post. Just go to youtube and do search for EWPRO.

Go to their channel and they have a video there called " Wave Theory - Forex Trading Course" were they explain the course.

Hope it helps

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Thanks dude, im going to check it out.

Hi, I know many traders like to do copy trading, but personally, I feel there is no high if you are not using your own techniques. I believe trading is something that is learnt over time, and it only gives you satisfaction when you make money using your strategies. But if you would still like to follow someone, I will suggest that you do some basic course in forex trading so that you know what is happening. Also, it is always recommended to copy trades from someone who came referred.

Having built and sold (genuine) courses before, with that current market being incredibly saturated a lot of the fake gurus are moving over to the trading world. A large % of social media signal providers are flying blind essentially, making money off commission or selling the access to their signals. There’s a reason they won’t show genuine verified third party results, but instead distract you with a laptop infront of an ocean or a fancy car.

If someone has a great means to make money, but then they’re spending money (ads, spam bots, and affiliates) trying to promote it to you so you too can be “rich”, that should be the only red flag you need.

There are of course genuine signal providers, but the more knowledge you have towards weeding the fakes out hopefully the better your trading results become :+1:t2:


Thank you Don for starting this thread.

No matter where you are in the world, No Nonsense Forex is the best place to gain an extremely valuable and effective FX education. The fellow goes by the handle of ‘vp.’

Start with the “Beginners” video where you will be introduced to ‘vp’, what No Nonsense Forex is, and a step-by-step plan on how to best go through the material. Follow his instructions. Do not deviate.

If you have not done so already, the first place you will be sent is right back here to the School of Pipsology at babypips for the foundational base of your knowledge. Then return to No Nonsense Forex to learn real world lessons. And, it is FREE. Well, actually, you will be required to put in ‘sweat equity’ to learn how to be a success in the world of FX trading!

“If it is going to be, it’s up to me.” Robert Schuller

Happy Trading!

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Copying signals never ends well. When your account blows you’re on your own ,learn how to trade on your own it’ll take time but definitely worth it

As well as reading Babypips, have a look at Jay Wayne’s or Joe Giunta’s channel on YouTube.

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I also chose to do copy trading because of my busy schedule. I had to make time for other things then again forex trading is just my part time hostel. Copy trading has worked well for me so far but Have been making some real good choices and I will stick to it. Still I make a lot of decisions on my own too.

Copy trading sia good idea for some people and if you see that it works well for you then you should stick to it. Even still you need to learn as mucha s you can about forex so that you don’t just follow nother traders steps blindly. You also need to be able to come up with your own steps at some point or you will forever remain an experienced trader and that is not the way you want to do down.

Hey Don, I’m a journalist currently writing about Forex scams. I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you’d be willing to talk to me about your experience of getting caught out by Kez? Hoping people will share their stories so that others don’t get scammed. Let me know, Hayden

Hey, I’m a journalist currently writing about Forex scams. I was wondering if you’d be willing to talk to me about your experience of getting caught out by the Instagram trader? Hoping people will share their stories so that others don’t get scammed. Let me know, Hayden

Increase knowledge in trading that will definitely help to gain profit.

I don’t think Instagram is the right place for you to learn anything. Make sure that you are not scammed.