Forex newbie, looking for a reliable Australian broker

Hey, I would love some recommendations on Australian or overseas brokers that accept Australian clients.


This is not difficult, my friend. You can try a small amount of money with which is the best I’ve ever known. and has an FCA license. I recommend you type NDD accounts has an FSC license, I recommend using a Pro STP.
and I also have a few reviews here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

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Another vote for ICmarkets.

I live in Australia and I have been using FXCM for about 4 years and I have no problems.

However they are my broker but I don’t use their trade station. It depends on what platform you are using IE: Metatrader 4 or 5 or Ninja Trader. I use a programme called Track N Trade which is a stand alone trading platform that I have paid to use.

Hope that helps.



Can you tell about the TRAC you speak? It really sounds interesting and novel because it costs money :hushed:

Certainly. Here is a screenshot of my charts and a screenshot of the website.

The reason I use it is because it is easy getting in and out of trades, very little slippage if any, great software support very visual with great indicators.



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Australian regulation how much reliable i dont know , never used . can anyone have long term experience with them ?

It was really strange to me. It seems to be a 3rd party product. At retail brokers I almost don’t see this product

What is so strange about it???

The software is perfectly sound. It is one of the most professional trading platforms around. If you want to be a serious trader you need good reliable software with REAL TIME DATA.

Remember nothing is ever free. There is a reason free trading platforms are free. There is usually a trade off with real time data. Most times the data feed is in some cases as much as one to two minutes behind the actual market price. That is very costly.

Happy Trading.


oh no! I mean, this is really high class. just like my super tech buddy:wink:

Just google it and the website will tell you everything.

There are 3 brokers I tried like ICMarkets, pepperstone and AETOS are good ASIC broker but the only that has perks are AETOS. Pepperstone used to have Qantas points from every trades, but they removed it. At least AETOS have iphone or credit bonus. The spreads are low and no commission because it’s an STP. You choose