Hello Forex community. A complete newbie here, no trading knowledge at all, just an open mindset ready to absorb everything this forum has to offer. Success always lives on the other side of fear… good luck to everyone.

Confidence and conviction play a key role in being successful. Best of luck.

Welcome to the community! Enjoy the free resources here. Good luck and looking forward to your progress!

An open mind and willingness to learn will get you far! Make sure you check out the education section of the site and get learning.

Sounds like you’re starting out with the right mindset. If you stick with it, I think you could become a successful trader someday. Good luck out there!

An open mind is important - the problem is you are going to soak up a lot of opinions, myths and ideas that are downright dangerous for trading as your mind becomes a sponge.

My advice is to read some of the market wizards series of books first rather than taking for gospel any of the well-meaning but potentially misleading folks on this or any other beginners trading websites.

JackSchwagers’ legendary books of interviews with the world’s best traders is a great intro to trading, especially for someone who is open-minded enough - which seems you are.

The books will give you a much better understanding of what trading is and is not.

It will help you keep away from the potentially toxic ideas found on many a free youtube video whose main intention is to funnel money to put into the pockets of their affiliated broker.

The Market Wizards series are among the classics and essential reading for any trader - don’t be put off that some of the earlier ones are a little dated.

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