FOREX News and Overnight Technical Levels- August 13th

[B][U]Fundamental Headlines[/U][/B]
[B]- AUDUSD -[/B] Reserve Bank of Australia notes that recent rate hikes were boosted by economic growth prospects and future inflationary risk. Increases forecast for 3 percent benchmark into next year.
[B]- USDJPY -[/B] Japanese growth was far less than expected. Expansion declined through 3 percent seen in the first quarter, placing rate hike this month in jeopardy. Annualized for the second three months of the year, growth was released at 0.5 percent. However, GDP deflator was slightly higher at -0.3 percent.

  • [B]EURUSD -[/B] ECB lends $65 billion over concerns of liquidity, notes that markets are stabilizing.
  • [B]GBPUSD -[/B] Housing prices in June rose 12.1 percent, higher than expected as producer prices were released within line of estimates.
    [B]- Chinese[/B] consumer prices rise to the highest level in 10 years as money supply and foreign direct investment continue to increase in the month of July.