Forex News - Forecast - Previous - Actual?


Let’s imagine 2 different scenarios (In perfectly solid, news triggered market, not a real one);

  1. News came and figure is higher than the forecast value but lower than the previous value. So, what would happen?

  2. News came and figure is lower than the forecast value but higher than the previous value. So, what would happen?

Basically, what is more important ; Forecast or Previous? Which would trigger the price mostly? Should I just take Forecast value into consideration? If actual value is higher than the Forecast should I expect bullish trend?

Thank you.

Hello my friend ! All that numbers matter you must see the history of numbers to for checking the odds plus backtest that news , different news different outcome could price strike or go smoothly , we have calendar news and politic and countries news all different , you can trade that specific news on that pair or other pair - check the round numbers too Many many untold … see the price on daily chart and look for big candles how they move after and before , watch the big trend and at the end go with your gut feeling Do you want trade the news before after or in middle of action )) you almost need to get phd of it And hey news is danger don’t try this at home you may blow yourself account !, unless you know wh at you do , good luck and WIN BIG ! )))

If only it were that straightforward.
What you cant know for sure is how much expected change has been built into the price prior to the announcement, nor the tone of the announcement.
Best to stay away from news events until things have settled down