Forex News Trading system

i am not a good news trader.there are many systems to trade on news releases such as:

1.before the news(2,3,5,15 minutes etc)place buy/sell stop orders on both sides (10,15,20 etc) pips.

2.using +12 and -12 for Pending Order

3.after news…etc

my Q:which system is reliable.any profitable system.anything else.

Financial news is helpful to understand the ups and downs of trade, but not only important information is also important to have strategies and techniques implemented to achieve a better analysis of what is happening in the market. This determines the right time to invest to achieve good profits.

Hi saad007, I’ve been trading news for a couple years now and i’ve tried auto clicks, brackets, ea’s and several other methods. If I was just getting started and didnt want to spend much money i’d probably use glenn’s ea over at wingstarfx. Its free and there’s a chat room so you can talk to lots of other traders who are getting started also. I did very well for the year I was there. There are certain methods that work well with pre news movements but thats dealing with binary options so I wont get into that. If I had a budget to get started and I wanted a safer option without having to deal with broker manipulation i’d definitely start in the futures market. There are brokers that will let you open an account with as low as $500 and depending on which broker you start with bracketing the market is very easy and you will have alot less slippage and no broker manipulation. Thats currently what im doing now. Ive recorded most of my news trades so if you’d like tos ee how I did in any particular type of news trading just let me know.

-Forex, Futures and stocks News Trader-

I’m interested to see how you trade news So can i have your trades record for any type on news on the forex market? Interested too to have some explanations on your methods.

Hi Josker, just shoot me an email and I can let you see some of the youtube videos of my live trades. twokdaily (at) gmail (dot) com -Just mention your from babypips.

Hi, empireambition, I wanna know your strategy and wanna see your videos of live trade as well as.

For becoming the Forex news traders require a large amount of capital - the first type needs it to generate enough leverage, and the other to cover volatility. To do this, we will look at a wide range of methods in several time supports to figure out whether a given business is value taking. Keep in thought, however, that this is not a mechanical/automatic dealing system; rather, it is a program by which you will get technological feedback and make a choice centered on it. The key is discovering circumstances where all (or most) of the technological alerts point in the same route. These high-probability dealing circumstances will, in convert, usually be successful.

Hi ashraf77, just shoot me an email to the same address above and ill give you the same info. The same for anyone else who wants it. Take care