Forex Noob in Need of Help!

Hello everyone!

I was introduced to Forex and the Stock Market by a college professor, and he talked about how once the semester was over that he was going to teach us how to become day-traders. Unfortunately, that day never came. So I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who could take me under their wing and teach the ways of the FOREX. I would really appreciate having a mentor(s) that could assist me in my journey to becoming a successful Forex trader!

So you want to obtain money making guide for free? People spend endless hours before the monitor, consuming tons of information, reading guides, asking questions on forums, garnering valuable data piece by piece. And what’s most important they lose money because nothing learns better than your mistakes.
That is they way how you can expect to become professional trader. There are no shortcuts and get-rich-quick methods, because of extremely high competition. To have an advantage, trading edge you will need to be in the constant process of improvement and upgrading your knowledge.

I understand what you are saying, but im not looking for a “get rich quick guide.” I want to become a professional and PROFITABLE trader. I want to reach this goal by putting in the work and learning through mistakes and advice. I want to find a mentor(s) who can guide in getting in the right mindset and learning what works and what dosent through their experience and wisdom and mine as well. Thank you for your feed back.

Truly profitable trader will never be a mentor because potential reward from trading is incomparably higher than he can earns from teaching. And he don’t need apprentice because there is nothing he can’t handle himself or that needs additional hands.

+1 here, unless you like to endulge in ‘giving back’ to the trading community!

I understand your view point, and I agree. You make a solid point.

Well yeah sometimes retired traders drop some interesting thoughts or ideas on forums, but they’re off track and their views may be outdated considering markets are an ever-changing environment! But its good to hear an interest point for example on money management or psychology, I mean get prepared to the issues that may caught you off guard.

No man, that’s not good enough here=) You’ve gotta do everything yourself here. Of course they can train you, but some of them are such smarties, some haven’t ever even been on the market…