Hello FX minions, I’m not just new to baby pips but also in the FOREX as well. Someone from a Facebook FOREX group that I joined long ago told me about this site, so I decided to check it out. I’m very intrigued so far especially the School of Pipsology(which I will get my notebook(s) and pens ready). I reason I want to do FOREX is because I want freedom (financial and personal). I am currently working at a job that I don’t like very much (cough Kroger cough cough lol) Working there for a long time, I feel that I have been working hard for little or nothing. I want much more than working just for a $.10 raise a year by how long I STAYED at a company. I know that FOREX is NOT easy and I didn’t expect it to be; I rather take and manage risks to pursue my dream than being like most people, who are afraid to take risks and comfortable with a 9-5. I know that this community will help and support me on this journey becoming a FX trader.

About my interest, I love anime, learning about different cultures and languages, video games(my current favorite as of now is Final Fantasy XV (why I came up with my name lol), reading books ( I’m currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki), and walking. That’s it about me, I don’t want to write a very long intro about me lol

Hopefully, I will make new friends and network with you all.

Hello NoireLucianNinja90 and welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself and we hope to hear more down the road! Yes, Forex trading is not easy and it’s not a get rich scheme, but if you take your time to learn proper trading and risk management, then you can learn a skill that will help you build wealth over time, and maybe even become an income stream if you become really good. Good luck bud and good trading!