Forex on hold

OK so I played with futures and indices and found it quite refreshing. There are many good points and not so good when contrasted with forex. I did originally post how I’m putting FX on hold which I think really helped to get my head away and absorb what had happened and how to move forward. After a little re-calculating it was the best move as it kept me in the loop and could continue trading under a standard acc, thanks to the broker making adjustments so I could trade smaller at no extra cost.

My charts are now looking so darn sweet and are screaming all these $ symbols at me. Confidence has been boosted and I’m looking to be VERY BEARISH ON THE USD/CNH

Good conclution you had in this 9 months Jason.

for everyone around here, do not look for tight spreads or where its cheapest to trade. look for where you can make profit! brokers love to fish you with tight spreads and low costs/margin/fees but think about it. do you rather spend 100$ to earn 1000$ or do you rather spend 1$ to LOOSE 1000?

Umm I’m not sure if I put the right message across. What I meant was I’m currently very happy with my broker. The point is if you want a fair deal it normally requires a standard account. And the pip rate on the lot is that little bit high for me when factoring volatility. So when I browse on the market watch panel and see pip rates at 0.2 to 0.01p per pip, then eyes jump to the ATR. I find myself in a market where I have a lot more flexibility, room to breath. . .

For everyone around here looking to make profit, just look for that price move with your supporting fundamentals and etc etc.

Do you trade the DAX on a micro account with someone like XM dot com and get totally hammered from every angle you can think of ? Or do you trade it on a standard with say Core Spreads and relax and trade with ease and comfort ?