Forex Online Friends

Since the world is too big and may be hard to make friends in real-life, I thought of making friends online who are also into Forex trading and can talk about Forex and daily style as a trader.

I am available on Facebook as well and would love to connect!


Welcome in Baby pips , we all are here for the same reason which is increase the knowledge , its a most friendly community from all. so, you can ask any question

Hello Mate , how are you , where are you from ?

how much knowledge you have acquired from baby pips , can you please explain ?

Hello, I’m from Canada and been more than a year doing Forex now. What about you?

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any Forex related question you have ? if have m please put on

@Ihabo 1 Year… Long time. I am here for last 8 year with lots of experience. Now going to start my career as a fund manager.

Which school do you trade? What tools do you usually use to analyze? would you like to share

Why not share your twitter handle so that we will join

Hello l m in SA how can we get in touch ?

It’s great to get in touch with different traders at a time as you learn new things that you can take advantage of.

Anybody from PA? I’d be down to be friends and trade together