Forex Operation and System

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if any ever have a double and question like me?
as we all knew that Forex currency pair trading is involve buy and sell, and it changes base on many factors as we can categories as fundamental factors, technical factors as well as as the traders…etc.

But do anyone ever question about

  1. how the whole system of forex work? who operate it? and in what ways the system work? …etc. In this case I have some double what if the system already place to make profit from traders in the ways is more gambling? eg. the system handle the open position, pend ending, they know your movement of trade, they know your balance (affordability level…etc). and that they can generate how or what they should do to earn more profit? For example if they found out 40% of trader balance in average about xxx, and of those holding position in the negative while await for break even of profit, then they can set the price to move up to the level that these 40% cannot afford to hold? Perhaps this just a stupid question?

  2. have you ever wondering why the price move some how according to the pattern? eg. SHS pattern, Flags, …etc it kind of a ready system to make it that way over and over or it just a randomly? as you can see most of the movement is according to the pattern EXACTLY as it been develop long ago, HOW? ???

If you want to win the trade you need to understand these essential factors, and beat the forex!

Looking forward to have some idea from you folks out there!


Hi, did you finish the education section? Regards Greg

Hi Greg,
Sorry what is education session? can you introduce me?


Education section is on top of this web

I’m not sure I understood your questions. Or even why you need answers such as the ones you seem to be pointing towards.

To keep it simple, remember that as private retail forex traders we are not buying anything or selling anything. The international banks do the buying and selling (of currencies). All we do is place bets on whether the international banks will make certain exchange rates rise or fall.

Its like trading outdoor temperature. We can speculate on whether the temperature will rise or fall. But no matter how much money we bet, that will not make the temperature rise or fall.

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Maybe I’m misreading, but I think the OP’s questions come down to a common suspicion of manipulation by brokers. Are they running our stops? Are they re-quoting in a dishonest way or somehow cheating us because they can see all our levels?

IMO don’t freak yourself out with conspiracy theories. Don’t deal with shady, unregulated brokers, and do your due diligence before you open accounts. There are plenty of better things to concern yourself with. Us retail traders and our pathetic little leveraged account balances are not worth the massive undertaking it would involve for a legit regulated broker to manipulate everything and cheat us all. They don’t even need to do that because the Forex market itself finds the tears of retail traders delicious. Your broker just has to bet against you to win :slight_smile:

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