Forex optimum - your review

Such cases can’t be ignored! If you see an incorrect chart, take a screenshot and contact the regulatory organization.

Never heard of those fellas

What is the point of contacting SVGIFSA when it comes to a demo account? There was no real damage. Nobody will understand.

Wait, you gotta figure it out. If the order is selling, respectively, the calculation should have been on the ASK line. For a beginner, it may simply be disabled, since on MT4 ASK is disabled by default on all charts. I would start checking with this.

I also often see discrepancies in BTC prices. But I don’t have a real account, just the demo one. So far I haven’t really wanted to open the real one.

The bitcoin exchange rate is average, so there is no reference quote. Only a blind person won’t see the difference in the bitcoin charts from different exchanges. Every exchange has its own quotations and they are all different.

Ah, that’s what that is! The news programs on TV also have different BTC rates. I couldn’t understand why. Well, it’s forgivable since I’m just a newbie. And yet all these off-shore brokers are suspicious. As I understand it, people don’t open off-shore when everything goes smoothly.

What exactly don’t you like? When it comes to off-shore business, the taxes are lower and you generally have more freedom. Customers benefit from it. The lower the tax burden, the lower the spreads and so on.

The fear of off-shore companies is understandable. On the other hand, almost all relatively big financial institutions are registered as offshore companies. Check for yourself. Everything is in open access. Any bank has a branch in Cyprus, Virgin Islands, Panama, etc.

I think reviews can really help understand how honest the company is. I couldn’t find any reviews about FO back in the days. It’s okay. If there are no reviews, it actually means there are no bad reviews, because people always share negative information. And if everything is fine, what would you write about a company that meets your expactations.

On the other hand, I never heard of crypto currency exchange to be registered off-shore. Basically you can consider it an indicator of “hygiene” or decency, kind of.

And again, I can argue that all major banks are registered offshore. Do you think they are unclean too? :slight_smile:

I think crypto exchanges are based in the jurisdictions of large developed countries only because it is profitable. Crypto is a high-tech product that is still falling out of the legal field. It’s not regulated. Governments have not yet figured out how to make money on it. When they realize that you can’t profit from it or they will find out some implicit nuance, such as the possibility of tax evasion, the crypto exchanges will immediately move offshore. It’s only a matter of time.

Crypto exchanges have enough problems. I mean constant hackings and stealing of coins from accounts. Just while crypto exchanges are profiting well and have the opportunity to compensate the damage from the profits. Once they run out the surplus, things will get a lot worse.

All right. I actually read it somewhere that bitfinex made $ 2 billion from commissions on transactions. A lot of money!

You are crypto haters, that’s who you are :slight_smile: the crypto market is very large. So far, it is estimated at 200 billion. That’s a lot of money. The main thing is that you yourself admit that the exchanges refund the damages. As long as this continues, I see no reason to panic.