Forex Peacy Army Under Governmental Investigations

Most of us of course know about forexpeacearmy and it’s forex reviews that a huge number of traders follow their judgement in everything related to forex … THEY ARE NOW UNDER GOVERNMENTAL INVESTIGATION !!!
believe that or not that is actually the truth

[B]the US Court of Appeals and the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a complaint charging Dmitri Chavkerov, a former Forex Peace Army And Forex Diamonds.�[/B]

[B]Financial Newspaper ( 25/8)


if you wrote that for an unlogical bomb that you wanna blow it up or a surprising news , i wanna say that all you wrote was expected for me just because that felix exeed his limits in scaming people. it’s enough guy to search for his site.

I think it’s right.
the website was closed for one week and i received from felix on facebook nervous talking for long time when i asked him about this issue.
he said also that he went to a good attorney called Fred Neroni in NY to close for him these issues.
Seems it’s a big deal

its not so free after all

who is dimitry? The owner of peacarmy?

Yes Felix Homogratus ( Dmitri Chavkerov ) is the owner of forexpeacearmy is implicated in money laundering and credit card frauds crimes and be investigated nowadays for this crimes as well as violating the US commercial laws.

oh, i thought he is caught because of the site.

Really !! Do his site also has a problems Yummy

So sad, just wen i was beginning to have much faith in his forex services.

well, go for Forex Factory :wink:


Go For Your Own Mind , I think that every trader can depend on his own judging
to start choosing a froex broker threre are many factors that determine this issue.
[B]Simply [/B]
Each one has a particular interest With certain parties , so depend on yourself :slight_smile:

whoops! Wrong thread.

I’m surprised you’re posting this, knowing fully well that forex peace army is not a forex broker. Or what exactly are you trying to point out.

Last I checked they did push a few brokers as IB’s… but so does every kit/manual/get rich with forex thingy majiggy thats out there. so… w/e…

Infact the only place that isnt blatent about it is this site, while they do show ads I’m not sure if they make money if you go with the broker or click the ad! They allow an open debate of the brokers (those with or without ads) and I havnt seen them censor peoples complaints about them – although the people who cry they got their SL’s hunted do get a fiar amount of lip, its not from the admins (That I know of) Its from people who know that its very unlikley.

The forex peace army seemed to be very hookie in the first place which is why I never looked into them very seriously…

As a person “in the business”, I can guarantee that most of these sites including this excellent site, make money. BUT what is wrong with that? We all have to pay the biils right.

Where the problems begin is when a site positions themselves as the champion against scammers, and being there to help traders not get scammed. They should stay independant. Being a web designer by trade, I saw about 2 years ago, that they were putting affiliate links on review pages. Meaning that when you click to a site/service with a good review, they were getting a cut when you buy. You cannot be independant when you are making money that way.

Even if a review site was to attempt to be independant, there are MANY inherrant problems. Reviews are opinions based on the position of that particular trader. As the majority of traders don’t really understand what is required to be successful, they often blame services for their own shortcomings, or expecting everything on a plate, without any work on their part. In my business I have delt with some real nuts, but if they were to write a review, it would suddenly look legit, because you dont know what that person is really like. The next problem is a competitor could ask his family and friends to post negative review about a service to essentially destroy that business. It happens, I gurantee it does.

I personally see nothing wrong with Babypips or any other site like this, making money from affiliate links, advertising hidden or open. They have provided a great deal of information for free. It is basically a very good forex 101 for free. When I frist started forex many years ago, you could not get education for under $1000 (not that I found).

But if you are starting a review site, keep the ads off and seek donations.

Obviously you are new to forex. Everyone new to this business has to start somewhere and finding various opinions before choosing or designing what is best for you is the very first step …go figure! :smiley:

Your loss…I guess you have never lost money to bucketshop brokers and felt so helpless with no one to turn to rite?

As for me i believe in forexpeacearmy, i use their feedbacks about brokers, and also check traders opinions, i think without this site we will have problems with truth in forex. Of course you have to check all info, because there are a lot of scams there, but if you have a clever mind and spend a lot of time for trading you will anderstand where is the truth

Has someone know about that incident? How is it now? And what do you think about EARNFOREX ???

Yes please does anyone have any updates on this?