Forex platform for Australians?

Hello, does anyone knows a good platform where I can trade forex and also a platform that can supply a 15 or 30 seconds updates on the graphics. Most I’ve seen only gives you a 1 minute.

As being in Australia I’ve noticed most platform like " Ninja trade " , will need a broker … but Australia does not have a broker to work with ninja trade for example. What is a shame.

Does anybody can guide me a good platform to trade from Australia ?

Thank you

hi and welcome.

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What do you mean by “updates”. For example in MT4 prices are updated real-time as soon as a new tick arrives. Ninja trader is good for futures however if you are going to trade CFDs then MT4 offers unrivalled experience since it optimized and fast. For example you can try Hotforex as far as I know they are regulated in Australia so you should have less issues with safety.

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Can you use Oanda?

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I live in Australia and I use Pepperstone (Australian Broker), with Ctrader. Highly recommend. Ctrader makes MT4 seem so ancient and clunky.

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Hi, thanks for your reply too.
I meant , 15 sec or 30, updates on the candle graphic.
I will have a look at the one you’ve said

I think I can , I can have a loot too. Thanks

Thank you .

I think Oanda uses Metta trade 4 . what doe not give much of what I am after .
The HotForex gives you MT 5. I think it can work better