Forex podcasts?

Hi there, sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, but I’ve been wanting to find some podcasts on forex to listen to while I go to work, only problem is i can’t seem to find any, I’ve come across one called ‘The traders podcast’ by Rob Booker, but have heard he is just a marketer trying to sell you things, is this true?

If anyone knows of any decent Forex podcasts, or podcasts on stock trading, could you be kind enough to let me know where I can find them? XD Thanks alot

I can find them? XD Thanks alot[/QUOTE]

Here are 2 things you can try. XE markets has some great webinares a couple times a week. Not sure if you have to have a demo account or just be on their mailing list. They are free and found them helpful. The other is utube. If you are looking for a particular subject or even general forex, example, how to draw a trend. Search that and when you get a list go into filters and click on more than 20 minutes, that way you get one hour videos you can watch

Thanks alot, are they things that i can listen to or would i have to watch? as I’ll only be able to listen at work, I’ll definitely have a browse on youtube to see if there’s something i can download.

Finding it hard to find an actual podcast, rather than a video ^^

Hey JackB,

Here’s a quick Google Search tip for you. Search for the following:

inurl:podcast "forex"

You can obviously change the text in the quotes to anything you desire. I think that will get you started in the right direction.

Also, if you have an Android or iOS device, “There’s an app for that!”. Check one or both of these out:

  1. Podcasts by Apple
  2. Google Play’s BeyondPod



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Thanks alot I’ve actually found a few things i can download on google now :D. I have beyondpods already but i’ve found that most the podcasts about Forex on there are several years old, not sure if they’re still fine to use or a bit out of date. Cheers pipstradamus.

if anyone else knows of any decent podcasts let me know please :), as i still haven’t come across that many

tradingheroes - YouTube

I’m not affiliated w/ this channel.
Just sharing b/c it’s a massive resource.

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cheers for the suggestion, iv downloaded some of them now :).

[QUOTE=“JackB;613235”]cheers for the suggestion, iv downloaded some of them now :).[/QUOTE]

Glad to share.

To be honest there are not that many dedicated Forex podcasts but I think I am justified to share the Forex Answers Podcast.

I listen to Alpari Squawk, but I believe it’s only for live account users only.

Check out Two Blokes Trading podcast.

They are a couple guys sharing their journey of growing and learning trading from home. They bring on various experts from different parts of the industry to share their thoughts and expertise. Pretty interesting and worth a listen.

“two traders podcast” is pretty good in my book.
Also “Better system trader” and “Chat with traders”

Reviving this thread in 2020. :grinning:

Here are some that I listen to:

1. Forex Q&A by VP. Highly recommended, he has 82 episodes but just published his last one a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, he doesn’t sell anything. Forex Podcast • Forex Q&A

2. The Day Trading Plumber by Clayton Allen. This is pretty good and entertaining but rather long at times (45 minutes to just over an hour). Clayton is a great story of a blue collar guy who quickly went up the ranks in construction but discovered trading along the way. Now, he trades full time and has his own service.

3. Trading Nut podcasts by Cam Hawkins. Cam interviews traders across all trading instruments and there are plenty of Forex traders included. Each podcast is about an hour long and typically engaging - Cam does a good job. Most of the time, he has a 5 to 10 minute follow up YouTube session with the guest where they go over a trade idea or approach. Episodes | Trading Nut | Podcast, Robots, Courses & More - Forex, Futures & Stocks

4. The Forex Treading Coach by Andrew Mitchem, These are quick 5 to 10 minutes long and do tend to be bit of a marketing for his site and program. However, most of time he does offer good tips, mostly about mindset and money management. Audello » The Forex Trading Coach Podcast

5. Trading with Venus by Raman Gill. This is okay, 5 to 15 minutes long. Tends to be a bit simplistic in its content, but, another perspective. Podcast Trading with Venus She does an annual Pro Trader Challenge which is interesting.

There are, of course, many other podcasts out there today. Any other recommendations?

Matt is really good. I’ve listened to most of them already unfortunately. I’ll have to check out the other ones you listed. Does anybody have a good news station they like when trading fx?

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Interesting… I just added this channel to my list on Sticher. That latest episode was really good - compilation of comments from people that had made it to full-time trader. Thank you for the reply. :+1:

Chat With Traders - Aaron Fifield.

You can look for Rambo interview in Chat With Traders - Youtube channel. I guess is the best interview about trading that I’ve seen. He is an old CME trader living in Australia. This guy already were broker’s owner some times and crash some another times. His history is really nice!

Forex podcasts will not be of any help to you. To learn more about forex you will have to learn from various websites that provide such lessons but for a fee ofcourse.I mostly read and check how things are going on online. You can also watch news on forex.