Forex POOL Account

Hi Everybody,

I’m having this forex POOL account, where new traders or investors who have the money and no time to trade the forex market can participate in the pool account. The pool account will generate a maximum of up to 20% profit (not guaranteed).

The account has been opened with a regulated broker with a good track records of over 8 years. Named as NASADEX Capital Management, any body with a minimal deposit of $25 can join in the pooling account.

To reduced risk, the account will use micro-lot and will trade on the major liquid currency pairs on a daily basis.

Traders/investors of all types are encourage to give me a feedback on this forex pool account. You can reach me by:

skype: mhm.trader
email: <[email protected]>

Happy trading guys :slight_smile:

WOW, can you see all those red warning signs?

Why on earth would people give their money to you?

Who knows, maybe you’re the best thing since sliced bread.
Or maybe you’re a scam and thief

How is anyone to know… I’m not saying you’re either one

Beware is all I say

Thank you for your feedback o990l6mh.