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Hi everyone
I’m recent user of Baby Pips Forum, so forgive me if I make some mistake in this post.
I have been demo trading currencies for five months and I’m about to go live soon. The problem is that during this period of practice I used a Forex Price Alert app that is no longer working well, so I would really appreciate if you could share another Price Alert app as it is very useful to me (I can’t imagine going through many charts to see if one of my setups is working)
Thanks in advance


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Hi, I believe that you can do this with trading view

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Or use call levels apps

You can probably ask your broker if there is any app which will be compatible with your broker’s platform.

Why don’t you just use a demo in some brokerage company?

Yes sure, but the basic account only allows 1 alert

I would also advise you to switch to a demo in order to feel the market better and get acquainted with the functions of the terminal that you will be using on a permanent basis.
Plus, you can easily combine the demo with real trading.

Now a lot of similar applications, you can search for them in GOOGLE, they are all very similar to each other, may differ slightly in type of assets and functionality, but not significantly…

You will have to check if there is any app that is compatible with your broker’s platform.

Harmonic, 24 option, metatrader, monster trading, c squared, tramline, there are plenty that you can choose from.

I second Tradingview, but you might need to upgrade to a paid plan to get the amount of alerts you need. Black Friday sales!