Forex promotion events for Introducing Brokers

Does Forex firms do promotion for IB? I was able to find a lot promotion events for individual clients. However, none for their affiliates. I looked up a few Forex firms and couldn’t find any information. So wondering if anyone have any ideas?

Never heard of this. Most brokers see IBs ‘role’ as promoting themselves and the broker so the juice only flows one way.

IB allows firms and individuals to earn money by promoting BCS Forex services to traders and investors. I advise you to develop your business on local sites. Especially if you have a business only for local citizens ( for example, massage services or a barber shop). For example, I have a business selling knives and I promote my business on the list of promotions in San Diego. This is a local site that is visited by a huge number of local citizens every day, so just a couple of days after the publication of my services on this site, I’ve got a lot of new customers.