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The search for the best
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is certainly a difficult task at the hands of the dealer. More than once, these robots are made for their credibility in question. But the truth is that the increasing use by traders in the forex market, has denied all these vantage points.

Literally translated, is a robot forex is something that can be connected to your forex trading platform to generate maximum profit for you in the forex market. Has the ability to say to his craft automatically. The word “automatically” more than enough to attract retailers to get the system. The robot is programmed to make and offers, the characters in their own market if the price is the best dealer and exit, or is likely if the dealer does not want to trade. Then there are all the details of the market at some point to the dealer.

Best Forex Trading Software Platform is what the mind does not require the attention of the dealer for the money. From the dealer, that person should turn the robot on the demo account with virtual money tests. This is what’s recommended for each operator. If you test the robot directly on real money, it is dangerous,so come and try the

FAP TURBO the best Forex Robot in the market.

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I have tried about 100 commercial EAs within 5 years, but only two of them work for me good. I think if you are looking for profit like 200% per month, it is impossible, but my goal 10% with low risk, and it is possible to find good fully automated or semi automated systems.

sounds interestin…might have to try it :wink:

I think my trading experience will be interesting for beginners and experienced traders. I started trading about seven years ago, and probably, as all the traders, I was looking for groal during the first year. Finding the strategy with perfect backtest (martingale  )I did not hesitate to open a real trading account. I will not describe how I have been frustrated after months of trading on real accounts.
My first tip. It is impossible to find or develop strategy without loses. Expect losses. If you have an excellent system you have a 70% chance of a winning trade. That means you have a 30% chance of a losing trade. Do not use martingale.
A small loss does not stop me and I started to ask on the forum “sell or buy?”. This approach also has not brought the desired profit. I have bought scalping robot and I’ve increased my deposit of 15% over three months. But my goal was 50 -100% per month. As soon as I increased the risk of the robot began to lose.
My second tip. Do not expect extra-large profit.
I have recommended this robot to my friend. And what surprised me, my friend made 5% in the next month, and I have lost 2%. We have compared spreads and my broker has lower spreads. Only now I realize that not only spread but also the speed of execution, as well as the quotes filter are important for scalping systems.
Third tip. If you want to use scalping strategy, you should find broker with low spread + commissions, with good execution time and without filters. Watch the feed, bid and ask should start to move at the same time. Check how many ticks in one minute.
Fourth tip. If your goal is to earn a million a year, increase the size of the deposit attracting investors and reducing the risk.
Probably the best solution for the novice trader is to buy a robot that does not depend on the broker. I can recommend MT4 expert advisor TFOT. If you plan to attract investors, you can add your account to myfxbook and then copy trades from your account to investors’ accounts. You will need trade copier without latency. PowerTradeCopier will satisfy all your needs.

FAP Turbo is not worth your money, at all. First of all, the EA uses Hedging, so you can forget about using a USA based broker. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that in the course of 3 months, it busted every demo account I placed it on. The good news is, getting a refund was very difficult, but I got it done.

Keep searching everyone.

There are some very important characteristics to judge the credibility of a robot. I’m programming robots for over 5 years now. (I programmed about 120 strategies, over 5000 hours of work)

Till now, every robot I have seen collapses to a certain period of time @ zulutrade. (robots walhalla) By designing the same robots by meself and following zulutrade robots for years, I know exactly how they are programmed and what errors are in those robots (or traders do think they are god and turn off the robot by big drawdown).

Therefore I made [B]10 basic rules to judge a robots credibility[/B]: [I]

1. SL/stop used?. < 50 is too low. → It takes a lot of profit to stop the trade. Eventually a trade has to be stopped if it's drifting to far away... (or absolute stop should be used) > 250 is too high for day trading activities.
  1. 1-4 positions max. (no huge DD’s by false trade’ssssss’ open when the price is moving against you)

  2. A system thats able to trade a sideways/trending/choppy market. (else the risk of the strategy isn’t spreaded with your own attention of checking the trading system over time, because the systems makes ‘jumps’ throughout the month. Good oppertunity’s are missed by the system in ‘grey’ zone.)

  3. The max DD of the system has to be smaller than the 2-monthly return. (= DDmax year. PipShip uses DDmax > 2 years)

  4. Max 95% positive trades ratio. (otherwise unnecessary risk of DD’s)

  5. Does the system trades over weekend? (Try to think about this. Some traders close false trades before weekend. Sometimes it’s risky to trade over weekend by gap of 100 pips)

  6. Responsible lots-ratio. Some SP’s mention CRAZY lots-ratio advises. Is the SP concerned by his own commisions (and high lots-ratio) or does he feels any responsability towards followers’ accounts? (risk)

  7. No changes in trading rules/codes? Same EA used over time? Your SP decision is based on history. Correct history? (try to read the graph) Making changes in the codes of the strategy by the SP can cause disaster. Remember GringoHUF, -1200 pips by human mistake in code.

  8. History > 3 months (3 months is standard period at zulutrade to calculate the SP performance) Than still a lot of strategies go down after this ’3-months-trial-period’ at zulu. DD is not managed at a standardised way, but based on luck. Sometimes you are very lucky! Sometimes you are not. ‘One-year-surviving-strategies’ are preferred.

  9. Overall feelings of SP, trading strategy and performance vs risk.
    (strategy vs own-forex-beliefs, quality info, correct use of language etc.)[/I]

I do not believe in FAP strategies and EA’s. You have to use a server. A $40-50 dollar server because you have to have some garantees that there won’t be any capacity problems. Then, if you’re trading with $1000,-- for example, 4-5% is being consumed by your servercosts. (then you still have to make > 5% a month!) And again. How to use proper money management? You’ve to know years of history etc. It simply is not in the benefit of only yourself (if you want to trade) to do all this work. By using robots on zulutrade your paying the same spread. (only slippage numbers can negatively affect the actual trading result). (about 0.5-1 pip/trade)

Till now there are about 20.000 robots at zulu, but not one of them is able to perform > than 2 years before collapsing. (please try to find a good strategy > 2 years…)

This month, I made the first robot surviving up to 2 years on EURUSD with only a preset strategy. (>200 trades) It’s difficult to trade efficient in rapidly changing markets with only preset algorithm codes. Preset strategies have to be able to adapt themselves. Strategies have to be constructed by dividing the strategy in different layers that will be activated during a certain type of market. This month, the efforts and investings finaly paid off. I was able to achieve some effective improvements in the algorithm codes. Eventually, backtests finally displayed the desired level of perfectionism.

I made a thread about this backtest: