Forex software for simulated practice

I am looking to learn as much as I can about trading.What do you
think about the software that trains through simulating the market
and providing a opportunity to test your systems. I would like
any comments from those with experience with such programs.


Ive used this. It uses the MT4 platform.

Forex Software ForexTester. Professional Forex Training. Teach yourself forex trading.


hello Adam
what do you think about it? Did you find it to be helpful?

j white

Hi Jaswhite16,

Yeah, I did find it helpful to test my 4 hour system I like using. It does not offer a 30 min time frame, that was the only down side to me. Also, when trading it you have to find out when news reports came out because you will get sudden spikes in price. But it runs just like if you were trading live but just a little faster. You can set it to 1 min ticks and the candle forms by 1 min intervals. Say you were using a 15 min chart, each candle would open and close in 15 seconds. Ask around some though to others and see what they think about it.