Forex Steam

Has anyone tried Forex Steam? I’ve had good experience with the Demoing … although it’s only been 2 weeks… read great reviews online… but I want to see at least one bad review … Has anyone here tried it?

I Haven’t tried it yet but its also on my radar;
the mt4-live statements are very consistent and promising, but there are not many reviews to find .

greatings and good luck trading

Im up 300 bucks on a 5000 deposit…and thats with 1 trade where i lost $500. But if i would have checked the members area.i would have known not to trade that day… By the time i found out …it was too late. Ill kerp u guys posted.

Btw this is a demo acct

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just wanted to give this thread a bump. i am looking for some info before i purchase version 6. jzajzz, you mention members area, does Forex Steam offer an area where they advise whether or not it is a good day to trade with the software or not?

Forex Steam has been working well in my test demo this week. It has done 24 trades with only 1 loss.

I have set it up on EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF & just today on the GBPUSD.

While the website says the main EA only works on EURUSD, it does seem to work on those other ones. However, I don’t seem to be able to change my lot size on the other 3. If you can live with that, it will probably work OK.

See report in attached PDF file.

This has been the most consistent EA I have tested. :59:

Steve C.

Good job. Keep it up.

Yes, I tried and its useless EA. making loss whereas the supplier saying it makes profit, Quite contrast.

Hi Steve, how are the results since?
Thanks for your answer

Forex Steam or Forex Steam Light? I did a demo forward test of Forex Steam Light (3 or 4 months I think) I ended with a net loss while the published results of the website were a net gain.

Forex Steam is a 100% automated trading solution. With over 25 years of experience in the Forex market our team has put together a system that provides long term growth in a low risk environment.
The Steam news filter allows for our software to monitor important speaks, high, medium and low impact news events and avoid them with pinpoint accuracy. The software will continuously watch for these types of updates and depending on the settings will avoid any trades before and after the event. This feature allows us to avoid large market moves and keep the software operating at low risk.

Does anyone have independent live trading results for Forex Steam, for example in ?

13. Forex Steam System by brian023 | Myfxbook
This is the only one I found, but it is quite short period.

I just created a new account with where you can see the Forex Steam EAs, the light and normal versions running at the same time on the same account. In the settings, I only changed the feature for not trading before and after important news from 60 minutes to 15 minutes, and also maxtrades from 1 to 10.
So far, 3 out of 3 good trades, but I guess, we’ll see how it goes with time… :wink:

Thank you for adding it to I used this EA and it has caused losses more than gain in my account so I removed it. I will monitor your account. Can you send me the account link to

The vendor shows gain in his account whereas I used in many of my accounts and lost money. The vendor does not give money back guarantee. This shows he is scamming the results to attract customers. So buyers be aware!!!

I have been using forex steam and made 800 in a week. Yeah, it paid for itself 7 times over so I’m happy. It uses by default larger stop losses and I believe this to be the best strategy for an ea that swing trades. It seems to trade similar on my demo account and real account so for me it’s a keeper. I’ve tried bad ea’s so I do have experience with others.

since when have you been using it?

Hello Guys!

Is there anyone still using Forex Steam EA V9 please. I want to find out if there is any recent report or performance update please? Many thanks for your feedback guys

I am very curious about this as well, a bit of research shows very positive and very negative reviews.
Since there is no Mfxbbook link i am unsure what is true.

Who has more info on this EA?

I bought it its been working for week looks like ok. I wonder how you are doing with this ea? I got it running on EURUSD,

I’ve had it since Jan 1, started trading live March 1. Little better than break even, but hopeful. I’m running it on a VPS.

Cross your fingers for me :57:

Hi All,

Have also been induced to get the Steam EA by the reported results and by reviews by some reveiwers who are obviously being paid by Steam, now have both Steam “Normal” and Light on my demo and to say the results aren’t very good would be putting it mildly!!!

Am going to run it for round a couple of weeks then wll optimise it on MT4 then run it again to see if I can get better results and judging by the results I am getting now this won’t be hard.

Cheers all and good trading