Forex/stocks/general events?

I’m new here but I’m so interested in finance and I WILL work on wall street when I graduate. The current problem with that is the lack of connections I have. So to solve it, I want to go to some conferences or events that revolve around Wall Street. Particularly events that are open to finance students, not just people who work in the industry. Does anyone here know of any events like that?

Just keep looking and you will find conferences. If I can recommend that if you want to work wallstreet you need to setup an account with a futures broker and start making a portfolio. You are nothing to them if you have not traded real money and knowing how to trade is not enough you need to know how to invest capital in a portfolio and manage/hedge risk. Even if you are not that great they can work with that. Easier to work on strategy with a guy that knows what he is doing rather than take someone thats not even wet behind the ears and make them a trader. The will not have to invest as much in you are it gives you a step up. Then yes all about networking good luck to you

I trade forex but haven’t actually tried futures. I guess the Wall Street guys look more at a future trader than a forex trader?