Forex strategies training

I am learning forex now for a few month on free online training I know I need to find good training and I have to pay for it but most of training companies when I review them on goggle or other forex forums I find out a lot of bad reviews, I know there is no 100% good company most of them they are looking to make money, but I am sure there is 1 or 2 want to teach.

What I am looking for is training will give me good foundation and the most important to me is to learn trading strategies.
i know there is no 100% training company will give me 100% I can live with 80% mainly not a scam.
I know its long question but please I need help to find good training company here in US or abroad.
Thanks a lot.

You don’t need to pay anyone to learn how to trade forex. Everything you need is free right here on Babypips! Just go through the school, read the forums, and start asking questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ok i will ask a lot for free:)

Hi botwa,

             there are many companies and brokers, those provides good knowledge and training for forex trading and strategies also, and you will not have to pay anything. even you can learn many things from forex websites and demo trading platforms. babypips  is a good website and you can get any kind of information about forex trading, related things.

Have A Happy Trading! :slight_smile: