Forex Systems

Do ANY of these systems actually work? Show a return?
If so, which ones

Hey Minted,

this is a system i am using right now and it has helped me and others alot, its getting great results,

soo check it out it might be able to help you 450 Pips in only two days! Live trading results


450 Pips in only two days! Live trading results is the name of the thread under the systems section

The answer in short is yes, some of the systems/methods do work.

How well depends on you, the one trading them. Not even the best system on earth could save a bad trader while a good trader can make do with a mediocre system.

Forex trading is a long journey for most of us and after a while most realize that the system part is actually not the most important one.

I suggest Babypips school if you haven’t already, and after that you might want to check out threads such as:

Good luck

yeah you are excatly right the system is not the most important!

the most important part is the pyhcological part that is the most important part, understanting and controlling your emotions, because if you don’t become cold and control them they will control you and then you will destroy your account using any system.

i’m glad you bought that up magiver lolol