Forex Tester 2 software V Demo Account


I have just finished school of pipsology lessons. I have no previous experience of forex trading. I will be grateful if someone could advise me should I go for Forext Tester 2 (a simulator software advertise at babypips website) or a demo account.


They’re not alternatives.

It’s true that (depending on what kind of demo account you use) they can have some “overlapping functions” but they also have different ones.

For what it’s worth, I think ForexTester2 is a really good and valuable bit of software, and I’ve found it very useful indeed.

Demo accounts are free

whereas ForexTester2 is not

(after the one month free trial)…

So, again, it depends on how much

you value backtesting…

Some backtesting can be done manually

too, e.g. devising a strategy and then

scrolling back on the charts to see how

many times that strategy would have

provided winners or losers…