Forex Tester

Hi everyone,

I’ve read threads on the above subject line, but I haven’t seen threads on other issues concerning FT2 conversion with Meta Trader 4/5.
I’ve tried and downloaded Lazarus Free Pascal to get FT, although, I lack experience in Delphi, C++, programming Language to format the above MT to FT2 compatibility Mode; am not sure if I’m explaining it right. However, in it’s (FT), community there was a suggestion for those with a little bit of programming language to explore simple method by utilizing; Socket API for MetaTrader 4 - MT4 that allows or establish communication between MT4 and other trading platform (Brokers)
Also they gave idea on; Small description of files: ETC.

I have purchased FT2, but can’t follow the description of files.

Is there any helpful programmer out there that can help me, so others in this arena chat room can make good use? Because above suggestion can be posted here in details for all to resolve whatever issue(s) they face, such as generating Data and Ticks from visual private server on any broker.
Help me if you are programmer other details are available.