Forex! The Most Profitable Busyness I've seen

Forex is a good business that takes away every form of stress and financial struggle from us while making our lives easier. There are a lot of financial hardship in the world today that affect people’s lives but we are exempted. Do you agree with me?

Hello Roseanne,

Glad to see another female around :wink:

I like your excitement and enthusiasm but I would probably agree with the statement if he/she is a successful trader and actually making money.Trading forex is a great " opportunity" for everyone to try and yes, a possibility to make money. However, it is one of the most challenging career/business out there and only a fortunate few who can make it. It can be very stressful and not as easy money as many people think when starting out :slight_smile:

I like your positive attitude though…Goodluck!

Hi pipnroll,
Have been reading Ur posts ever since I started about two weeks ago in this forum. As a newbie here n also forex is it possible for you to mentor me in trading forex?
Since you said Jn your interview is it possible for you to help me or trade on my behalf please? Waiting off your response. Thanks

Hi tailevu

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reading my posts:)

Actually, you are not the only one who ask me to do mentoring. As much as I would like to, I don’t think I am in a position just yet if I ever do mentor someone. I think a mentor should have had atleast 5 years or more experience in trading and he/she is profitable. I am not there yet but close :slight_smile: Also, I trade part time only. Mentoring ( I think) will require a lot of time…

I tell you what, finished your BP school then test 1 or 2 strategies that you think you will be interested in , in DEMO ofcourse. If you have no idea what strategies you wanted to test, look around forum there are so many strategies you can learn from.
Finding what strategy that will work for you will take a lot of time testing them… Just be patient. Read books, articles, anything about trading. There are so many good information out there. If you could not find any answer that you are looking for, ask questions either in these forum or somewhere else.

Sorry, if these is not the answer that you are looking for but I am just being honest. I will probably do it at some point in time but not just yet :slight_smile:

Goodluck to you and I wish you the best :slight_smile:

yes, forex is an easy way to make money if done right and also an easy way to loose money if done wrongly. one of the reasons why i like forex is because i don’t need to market or promote any product, kind of a lazy mans business. and i can trade at any time base on my convenience. that is why i love long term trading strategies and swing trades.