Forex Time

I’m new into Forex and I’d like to know a what time the Forex market open and close in Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. Singapore as well if possible. But I’d like to know when each market with its respective city’s time. For example, supposing the Tokyo market opens at 8:00 am Tokyo time. This way is much easier than telling you Tokyo opens at 7:00 pm EDT, I’m not used to time zones. I wanted to understand by myself but was really difficult. Also if someone could explain me that too I’ll be really grateful with that someone.

This thread — 301 Moved Permanently — will answer all your questions.

Because you are very new to this market, you will need to carefully study the [B]Table of Forex Trading Sessions,[/B] and the explanatory Notes which follow it.

And, unfortunately, you’re going to have to acquire a basic understanding of time zones — you can’t understand a worldwide market, without understanding time zones.

Be aware that session times are changing at this time of year, due to Daylight Saving Time shifts in several countries. All of the seasonal changes will be completed by Sunday, April 6. From that date until late September, there will be no more seasonal changes in session times.

The overall foreign exchange market is much larger than the [B]retail spot forex market[/B] which we trade; our retail market accounts for only 3½% of the overall market (by trading volume). The overall market [B]never[/B] closes, but the retail spot forex market does close between Friday and Monday.

Specifically, between Friday afternoon (New York time) and Monday morning (Wellington time), retail trading is closed around the world, because retail forex brokers choose not to conduct business over the weekend. So, on a weekly basis, the retail spot forex market (our market) is open continuously for about 120 hours (Monday through Friday), and is closed for about 48 hours over the weekend.

Because local retail markets (Tokyo, London, New York, etc.) do not actually “open” or “close” between Monday and Friday, when we refer to the “opening” or “closing” of a local retail market, we are referring to the beginning and end of the normal business day in that local market.

In each local forex market, more than 80% of each day’s forex trading volume occurs during normal business hours, and less than 20% of each day’s volume occurs in the overnight period. When we refer to the “trading session” in a particular local market, we simply mean the normal business day, during which most commercial activity — including forex trading — occurs.

We arbitrarily designate the hours from 8 am until 5 pm as the normal business day in each local market.

So, the answer to your question is simply: Every local forex market “opens” at 8 am, and “closes” at 5 pm, local time. These are the times used to generate the Table of Forex Trading Sessions. The Table works like a spread-sheet, and converts the session times in each market into local times in every other time zone around the world.

Thank you for answering my question. Yep I am very new to this ^^’ but I’m studying and already practicing with a demo account. Hope I’ll get experience to start working on this someday. Yes, you are right… I have to understand about time zones… I will study the thread you sent to me. Thanks :slight_smile: