Forex tips: USDCHF – Short term bearish

Look at above chart, USDCHF is moving up continuously over a month. As per Elliott Wave theory C is 1.02288 levels. I’ll not say you exact top of USDCHF pair because that’s available for only premium subscribers but remember, 1.02288 target are intact.

I think it’s password protected or maybe only login users can be read it. But whatever, this USDCHF prediction looking awesome!

Guys you may check it here: m o n e y m u n c h

What we were saying about USDCHF on Nov 30, 2015?
Just click here and read that newsletter again.
We had clearly written, “USDCHF, 1.02288 target are intact.”
And that thing I had said while it was running around 1.03000 level.
Look at now, it target has been achieved successfully.
What else you require from an adviser?