Forex Tips

I am ready to take a risk in forex trading and just wanted to get some tips on those who have been doing it for a long time. Can you give me some advice?

Take it slow. You need to take the time and demo for a bit and learn. Seems to me you are still new at this and still have lots of questions…


Sorry but I am just eager to learn and reading text books is boring. It is better to get advice from people who have been trading forex already. But I will your advice and study more. Thanks :slight_smile:

Take a look through the school on this site… You are way too eager… and will probably lose quite a bit of money if you were to go live now… Just my own opinion.


If you have the patience to read a book about this, then you might have the patience to trade, but if you don’t, then I fear you might not. You can make a lot of money at this, so surely it is worth reading a book or two? Doing a bit of your own research to support and put into context the stuff you can learn from sites like this?


Where as; no research and lots of enthusiasm is a recipe for success!

I have seen the demo but still can’t understand some details, advices from people doing it may really help me!

What books should I read? I’ve done a little research online but my know- how is still not that much!

You need to know technical analysis 101 from there you can choose what ever make sense to you. Every trader has a different feel for the market.

I would not start out reading anything too specific until you know more what style of trading you prefer, but Jack Schwager’s books are a good starting point. Market Wizards is one that a lot of people find helpful (even if it does nothing more than show you that losing money at first does not mean that you won’t crack trading it will help you), I also read his introduction to technical analysis and found it helpful.

Hi , there are Brokers that spend time over the phone and speak you through their platform and some even teach you strategies with no costs and most importantly provide ongoing support.If you have someone that give you feedback is very important especially while you practoce on the Demo. I know a particular Broker that does that but you would need to make a minimum deposit of 100usd to open an account but you are not obligated to trade, there mught be a few others that d that.All the best