FOREX Trade Copier

Hello fellow Traders!

So today I wanted to make my first ever forum post. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a particular service I am invested in, called the Trade Copier.

The Trade Copier is essentially a service you can invest it, without knowing any Forex knowledge.

The way it works is very simple:

You invest a minimum of £500 and all accounts are linked up to one main account, so whenever the main account places trades, it also comes through all the other accounts that are linked up too it. It also automatically does the correct risk parameters too!

I have enrolled in this investment myself whilst also trading myself meaning I have 2 types of income from Forex alone.

I want to know what people’s thoughts are on this?
-Do people agree with this?
-Do you think this is a good way to earn whilst you learn?
-Maybe you want to get involved yourself?

Either way traders please let me know your thoughts on this and I look forward to seeing further discussion!

Have a great day:)

Oooh. :open_mouth: No offense but this sounds a bit scary for me. :open_mouth: Based on my understanding, if the “main account” enters a losing trade, you will also be losing money? :open_mouth: Hmm. :thinking: Although it seems easier, personally, I’d rather take my own risks with my own trades so that in the end, I’d have no one else to blame but myself. :sweat_smile: Haha.

It definitely is a different approach to Forex investing haha. I like it most because It just runs in the background, something that could be reassuring to people who were to invest into it is the fact that like you say, if the main account is loosing funds, we all are too. So you know that the “main account” has every intention to make the trades profitable!:smiley:

It’s great as I have that running in the background whilst concentrating on my own trading.

Thank you for the response by the way! It is my first post and also first response so thank you:)

The point you are missing in your thinking is that the main account is trading other peoples’ money. They are not as motivated to be profitable (not that they would deliberately lose) as you assume. Your money would be better placed in some blue chip stocks. That will “run in the background” and generate some income. If you are trying to learn Forex, don’t let someone else do your trading for you. You will not learn a #!*& thing. Get a simulated account and practice.

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What are blue chip stocks? I’ve invested small amounts into stocks but they’re not as fun compared to Forex. I have been self educating myself on forex for over 2 years. My personal biggest problem is not taking my profits. I can analysis relatively well but my greed factor always kicks in and I end up blowing not only my initial investment but all of my profits too. It’s all a learning curve of course but my biggest obstacle, is getting greedy and wanting more.

Google it for a definition. No stocks are not as much fun. I am a forex trader, myself. Your posts speak of “investing”. Which basically means, buy and hold. That is not what you do in forex trading. I think you need to decide what you are: an investor or a trader.

Forex trade copier has a wide range of features, adjust lot sizes, including risk-based adjustment based on the relative equity of the two accounts, adjust the s/l and t/p, Only copy orders for specific symbols, Only copy orders with specific magic numbers Automatically adjusts between brokers who use 2/3DP and 4/5DP pricing, automatically adjusts to market execution (where brokers require the s/l and t/p to be placed separately from a market order.

I’ve never heard of such a thing as a main account and it does not seem like a very good proposition to me. What you could rather go for is a demo account and trade in it until you are fairly confident of your skills as a trader.

At this point, I am not convinced as this seems like a very unusual method of making a profit. It would be interesting to know how it will work out.

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The point is not how to copy/invest profitable traders.
The point is that there are no profitable traders! :rofl:

Brokers show you some lucky monkeys among hudreds of thousand of accounts and believers think they have an edge.