Forex trader is kidnapped, beaten, and carjacked!

A friend of mine just sent me a link about this incident that happened in my area. Its very rare that you hear about forex traders in the news let alone one involved in a local incident such as this.

Mississauga kidnapping victim comes forward with ordeal in Facebook posting - CityNews

A man who was kidnapped, beaten and dumped in a ditch on the outskirts of Brampton earlier this week has apparently come forward and identified himself.

Reza Mokhtarian, who describes himself as an entrepreneur and foreign exchange trader, says in a Facebook posting that the abduction was the work of a rival company.

“All the stories are true. I was kidnapped by around 10 men of I believe Sri Lankan decent (sic) at gun point and taken for 15 hours,” Mokhtarian writes in his posting.

Oh yeah, I heard about this. Very strange. It appears the attackers knew the guy. I wonder what he did to anger them?

So it might as well not be related to forex. Strange that they needed 10 guys for this. :S