Forex Traders from Winnipeg,MB,Canada

Hi! I am from Winnipeg and a beginner in forex, still in the process of developing a trading system that would allow me to be profitable in the long run. I wonder whether there is somebody from Winnipeg who is trading currencies and if he/she would like to meet and trade/learn together forex.

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and this is the end of people from winnipeg. the rest of the 'peg’s population is/are mosquitoes

hey… i am also interested in forex n i m in winnipeg. my name is jigar…

Hello, I also live in Winnipeg and a beginner Trader.


hey Amanda… how’s going your trading…!!! jigar patel

Hello am in Winnipeg too

Hey nice to see a fellow forex traders in the city of Winnipeg. Do you guys set a meeting with each other to pick each others mind?


I am also living in winnipeg and starting in Forex as well.

Anyone here still trading? Looking to start a meet in Winnipeg.

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I m from Winnipeg too.
I m also developing systems.
Would you like to contact?

I like to meet.
Live in Winnipeg.
Let’s do it…make group for Winnipegers

Hi jigar Patel,
I m living in Winnipeg too…
I m also working to develop sys for forex.
Let’s make group we can help each other


I will private message you.


Yes, i would like to contact you, if you don’t mind.

Hey everyone,

I am from Winnipeg and trade forex. Not too many people I directly know understand the trading industry, so I think a local group of traders would be a great idea. Not sure if this group has already been created or not, as I can see some of these posts date back a while.

Let me know.

If not I would like to start one, I can create a group chat on slack and go from there.


I am from Winnipeg too and I’m looking into starting forex trading. I am totally new to forex and willing to put in the work. I need someone that understand how the trading industry works to put me through. i will like to here back from you.


I have started a slack workspace.

Let’s build the Winnipeg community

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I tried to follow the link to join the group but I received an error. Is there another way you can direct message me?


Try this new link.

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Join the group chat.

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