Forex Traders in South Africa

Hi. I am looking for successful part-time or full-time forex traders anywhere in South Africa who would be prepared to allow me to shadow them to see how they trade. I know the basics and have traded a bit myself. I am looking for traders who make a regular income from forex and are prepared to share their secrets to success.


I’d be more than happy to work and learn the everyday market economy strategies with you.


I can try help but I am not exactly making a living from it yet.
I’ve quit my job and I’m trading full time to make an income. We’ll see if I make any money.
I think I will and that will be great!

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Hi Brinyvista

I am also a trader from South Africa.

Get in contact with me , just reply on this.


Hi. How can we get in touch directly and share ideas? I am from Port Elizabeth

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Hi There

I see i can send you a link.

Babypips doesn’t allow it.

South Africa, Pretoria

Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey guys… :mask:

Welkom I am from Cape Town