Forex trading and the financial crisis

Hi all, thank you for opening this thread!

I am very sorry for my poor English, sorry if you can’t understand, I am from Bulgaria and English is not my native language.

I’ve registered here just a minute ago, although I’ve used the website to learn about forex, almost one year ago. I hope you accept newbies.

Let’s skip ot the subject…

I am studying finance in university and I am supposed to write a material on the subject of “FOREX and the financial crisis”. I don’t have any particular boundaries or limitations, but I image I would have to point out if there is a relation between the two, if there are more traders since the crisis started, if there is more risk and more. I haven’t picked a direction yet, so any advices on that are also welcome.

But generally I would love it if you boys and girls who love forex would help me gather a few pages of info about the financial crysis and the forex trading, anything related to that would be helpful.

As I was typing this here, I thought… is there a chart that shows the amound of traders through the years, for a day, year, month week?

THank you in advance if you decide to help me, I would really appreciate it!


I am assuming that you mean the crisis with the Euro so I will just run with that. For me (and for trading in general) predictability is a trader’s best friend and right now the Euro is relatively predictable, it is going down. This is an overly general statement but that is the general trend so it makes the decision on which direction to trade that much easier.

I had a thought, I am a new trader so always learning, the Forex market is a system by which the people (traders) can cast their vote for a country’s economy and the confidence that we have in it. If the market doesn’t like what a government is doing financially/economically then we place our vote against that currency (sell it). For me it adds a wonderful twist to being a trader, my vote actually counts (in a small way I know). I vote in a way that matters most to politicians, in terms of money. So, when the value of a currency goes down it shows a lack of confidence in not only the currency value itself but in that country’s economy as a whole. When I explain what I do I just tell people that Forex is just stock trading on a country level, meaning that a currency is equivalent to a country’s stock.

So, as trader’s we react to what a currency is doing but we also help to shape the decisions made by the leader’s of nations affecting the value of their money.

Hope that makes sense and is helpful.

Actually that is not what I had in mind.

What I actually meant is the world wide financial crisis. It is present since the end of 2007. In my country it officially began in 2008.

However, there is no material around that in the internet so I had to make up something.

I will start a new thread with something you all can help me with for sure! :slight_smile:
Is is about some technical analysing.

Cheers! :slight_smile: