Forex trading app

Hey there…I’m new to trading forex and have seen several android trading apps…could you help me find a legit trading app…:nerd_face:

OANDA has the best that I have seen for Spot Currency

The Ever Liking OANDA VIPER

I’ll second that, although I haven’t entered any orders yet. I use their web-based platform for order entry or their desktop platform and just use my phone to monitor the trades while away from my PC.

Thanks, I’ll it out.
I’ve tried xForex…any thoughts about this app?

It’s pretty worthless to me.

Don’t MT4 and MT5 have trading Apps for mobile devices? Most big brokers offer those, as far as I know.

Yeah I was just wondering the same thing. I enjoy trading with MT4 most of the time.

I use MT4 exclusively, although lately I’ve heard good things about MT5 as well. I just see no reason to switch.
That said, I prefer to trade on a desktop or a laptop, rather than any mobile device, so I haven’t examined the mobile apps in any detail.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions