Forex trading as a beginner what do you recommend me

As a beginner what courses do you recommend me to start with and what are the best forex courses available pls recommend me something that would extremely help because I really want to start and I’m taking this business seriously because I heard that there are so many Fraud and useless courses
Thank you so much

1st of all, open your demo with a small virtual amount & then start your learning process by BabyPips School!

I highly recommend the School of Pipsology to start with!

Learn How to Trade the Markets

As a beginner you need to learn about Forex firstly, then try to implement the knowledge on the Demo account by which you can trade confidently in real market after practicing and observing the experts

beware of scams online. be very careful of who you trust your money with. do not believe grand promises right away.

Babypips School of Pipsology is a good starting place for me.

Read the forex course here. But don’t limit yourself to that. Once you’re done, go and look for videos on YT. Or read articles from credible sources and forums. You don’t need to pay to acquire the knowledge you need here.

Babypips is the best place to start. everything is written in very simple language here and once you are done, best start with Youtube or you can even follow some good traders from myfxbook. after analyzing their performance.

Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses. Hope this is helpful for you. Below link for your reference:Online Trading Platform | Forex Trading | Trade and Invest | Top 1 Markets

Hi, I’m new to this site and i am trading for more than 6 months.

Still learning about trading and as a beginner would like to start off here.

For Beginners I would firstly suggest to use Demo account effectively before entering into actual market. Don’t be depend on a good broker instead yourself learn from failures and generate new ideas will surely lead you towards success. Don’t imitate someone instead create something by yourself.

I saw on ICmarkets website there is Education Overview. Of course, it’s free education

Most newbies start from babypips, it gives a lot of useful info you can apply later to your demo or live accounts.

Start with the education section right here on Babypips and once you’re done with that go from there.

As a first time beginner of forex, I would recommend you to be reliable at all times, it is important to lay a very strategic foundations the foreign exchange. Just have trust that your money is more safe. You should begin with the amount that you have at hand.