Forex Trading Broker

Hi, I am new to forex and want to learn. A friend from oversea suggested that I should use fx-GAM dot com (I think this is from Hong Kong) as the trading platform. My question is: Is this a safe trading platform/broker? The scary thing is when I go to that site, my browser indicate that this is the unsecure site. Can you help with this?

It would be better to trade with more known brokers.

It sometimes means that their SSL certificate is out of date possibly. Common IT related mistake, but you wonder, if they forgot to renew that or get one, one else are they forgetting.

They could also be infected with or spreading malware.

Any reason your friend suggested them? Is your friend using them?

Are you looking for a broker that specifically operates in Hong Kong?

Be careful with new relationship between Hong Kong and China i you wish to trade in HK.

This isn’t a good new for HK forex industry.

As you can see that their website domain name was registered in 2018. However, on their official page, it says that it has been created in 2011.


If a company can’t even maintain their SSL certificate, especially when they provide online trading services, that’s already a HUGE red flag. I’d pass on that broker.

You are right. I think this is last year thread. Every new trader should learn to use a broker that is trusted and used by new traders. This way you know they are ready for Business. Whether it is UK, US, AU, or offshore, the broker must be operational and steady for at least 5 years. I use Forexchief ECN account.