Forex trading for sure dear

Iam Ed Ugandan aged 27 and I have heard alot about forex trading and I am to know more about forex trading. For a friend told me that I can begin here, am so happy that have signed up today,so let us go

You came to thee right place. Welcome. Have you seen the free course? It’s recommended to start with that

Welcome welcooome! :smiley: We’re almost the same age so I hope we get to interact a lot! :blush: Like what Smith said, I would definitely suggest reading the school here for now. :smiley: Take your time to learn and good luuuuck! :blush:

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Hello and welcome Ed! I’m sure you will enjoy and learn so much here. Good luck, hope all goes well for you.

In my opinion, it is one of the best places to learn. Hope you will learn also from here.