Forex trading opportunity

“Forex trading offers an opportunity to navigate the dynamic world of international currencies, providing both a challenge to strategize and analyze market trends, and the potential for substantial profits with disciplined risk management.” I read this on a website. Do you completely agree with it?

no - certainly not :grinning:

as far as the type of forex-“trading” referred to in this forum is concerned, it’s completely wrong: there’s no “navigating the dynamic world of international currencies” going on at all with this “trading” because the “trades” are actually just bets against counterparties relating to the values of their own “products”

these trades are not in a “market” at all

when you “trade” spot forex against a forex “broker,” no currencies are changing hands

apart from that rather obvious reality, of course, it’s perfect :laughing:

It’s clearly a marketing ploy to attract and challenge newbies into betting their money with a potentially positive outcome if they can manage their accounts. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of newbies actually succeed in making profits, let alone substantial ones.

With my disciplined and analytic risk management my strategy can make $30 a trade, or I can lose $30. Hopefully I can make enough to pay for an evening’s entertainment.

Sure. What’s there to disagree with? It’s a just a fancy way of describing the foreign exchange market.

What’s the point of your question? I don’t understand.

I think this sum up fundamental understanding of forex trading. I do agree.