Forex trading robot-do they work?

pls am a trader but i don’t really believe in forex robot.has any1 really tried any robot on live account before that has been profitable?

yeah i’ve tried many. but none of them work.

They DO NOT work for a significant amount of time.

Have I heard and seen people trade profitably with some EA’s ? yes. Is the general consensus that they provide guaranteed lonterm returns? No.
Let’s face it, if they were sure things and a garanteed money maker everybody would be using them. :wink:

Forex Robot minus human factor works. But some people don’t trust them.

Idea for experement: pick 10 robots. Real expensive and with some history.

Put small amount of money on each account, set up them all correctly and let run for a year 8/10 will show you a profit at the end!

Do I trade with Robot - know. Do I know somebody who trades - yes.

Why i don’t trade - do not have enough money right now.

If you can program one yourself, you can make one that is profitable. Of course you have to start with a manual system that is profitable and is mechanical (non-discretionary).

As for the commercial robots - they work for some people. They make lots of profits for the people selling them.

Yes! Nobody except yourself will make money for you. Find a good robot and force it to make money.

Yes, Forex trading robots work. Forex trading robots are automatic software systems used to generate trading signals.

Forex trading robots, also known as EA, are programmed to work within a certain range and follow trends. As a result, a fast price change can potentially eliminate any recent profits.

The simple truth is that you can specifically improve your trading with a professional Forex robot and the right configuration. Thousands of traders use Forex trading robots daily to find real pips.

All forex robots, though, are not made equal. Additionally, how you set them up will affect how successful they are over time.