Forex trading signals

Who gives the best trading signals every often in a day. .

There are several forex signal providers on the internet. If you are looking for best forex signal provider, I would suggest you to check out FX PIPS UK. You can simply search for the same in google and visit their site. They provide good and accurate tips. Also, they provider free trial of their service.

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there are lots of sites which provide signals free or paid , but most of them are found as a scam. so be careful when choosing a Fx signal.

metatraders website has many signals.

it’s very true, you need to be careful with scammers

@kaanani I guess that to follow signals is the worst thing you can do ever, if you want be a professional.

That’s why…
In trading your personality comes out. Many of us have fear and trade less lots, other are more risk-lovers, so use more leverage in trades (all of this with properly risk management). Some likes technical while others fundamentals analysis. We really trade such unique. Maybe, I and many others traders could justify our entries in many ways, but everyone are buying at the same price.
That’s why follow one or more signal channel is bad for your education. You never will understall why all that signals - unless you are doing a course and learning together with those signals.

The most imoportant thing is you keep on demo account and try make your own analysis. If it’s not working, try learn, come here, take doubts and keeping improving your knowledge about the asset you’ve choosed trade.

Anyway, if you want follow my registering operations book, you can look for this on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @fxbrofficial

Please, have in mind ! That’s a registering book of my trades. It’s not a signal channel, okay ? If you decide follow them, be aware that will be all your risk and rewards.