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Has anyone used FX Pip Signals - Quality Forex Signals or know what they are like? I’m not able to sit and look at my charts in work so if I was emailed the signals I could trade on my phone and the boss can’t catch me! :wink: They look to have only started this week but the results look ok so far. I might try the 2 week trial if no-one has used them before and let you know.

Signed up for the 2 weeks trial with these guys last night and got 5 emails with a trading signal in each this morning already! I am running the 5 trades on my live account and will let you’s know if any more come through and how I get on over the 2 weeks. So far I am sitting with 3 winning trades and in profit. Good start for the 2 week trial!!! :cool:

1st trade just closed +15.8pips, still 4 active trades with 2 winning and positive balance.

So far today,

Net Pips

Just took another 3 trade…


Net Pips

Looks like they nearly had a perfect week, still I have another 2 weeks of the free trial. Will you posted.

Got 2 trades through earlier that are still open on USDCHF and USDCAD.

The last 2 trades were losses but we have good days and we have bad days, over all FX Pip Signals are in profit this week by ~180pips. Hopefully next week they have the same performance as this week (minus todays trades) and i’ll make some money. Has anyone else subscribed or taking the 2 week trial with these guys???

Got a 3 trades this morning from these guys and let the trades run for a bit after they emailed to close the positions and I took any extra 27pips. They made bit of an error on one of the positions where the opening price was outside the TP and SL but I still opened it as my price was between and I took 30 pips on it.

Just received this email…

Dear Subscribers,

Over the past few months FX Pip Signals have been developing and testing an indicator that allows us to monitor a larger number of currency pairs which is then checked by an analyst.

This now allows us to provide our subscribers with wider choice currency pairs to trade and also the ability to increase the number of pips taken.

As from tomorrow (16th August), you will now be receiving these trades via email. 10 of our original subscribers were contacted and received these trades today, and in doing so they have taken a total of around 115pips today.

Going forward from tomorrow (16th August), there will only be emails for the opening of positions, there will be no email indicating when to close your positions, you can either let the trade close when the price hits the stop loss or take profit, or you can use your discretion to close positions.

If you have any queries, please let us know.

FX Pip Signals

Would have been nice to be 1 of the 1st 10!

Closed 7 trades this morning that were open from last night and also just closed a trade that we opened this morning… +235pips!!!

Between yesterday and today so far +327.7pips. I like these guys, already earned back enough for my 2 week trial and my 1st 2months only trading 0.01 lots.

So far today I’ve got 265.8pips… still 3 trades open as well. Quite happy. :35:

Has anyone else joined these guys? Are you getting the same trades?

Another 180pips today!!! Still 3 open trades all in profit (~40pips)

445pips so far this week!!!:59::59::59::59: